RMB Accepts the Bike Commute Challenge

For most Americans, September marks a new school year and a changing season. At RMB, September marks a new test: the Bike Commute Challenge. The competition was created by local nonprofit, Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA), with the aim of “promoting bicycling and improving cycling conditions in Oregon”. It draws participants to compete against their coworkers to see who can bike the most miles to work during the month of September. Awards go to the companies with the highest percentage of bike commuters.  RMB is set to compete this year with an All Star team fronted by attorney and bike commuter veteran, Allen Eraut. “My daily bike commute provides the essential bookends to my work day-- it keeps me relaxed, focused, and better connected to Portland," said Eraut.  "The BTA Challenge reminds me of the positive impact biking has on our lives, both physically and environmentally.  Perhaps more importantly, it exposes new riders to the benefits of bike transit. Commuting by bicycle can seem like a daunting experience to a new rider. All it takes is a little friendly competition to spark a first ride which could later ignite a daily commute."

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