Client Alert: Coonrod Verdict (WA)

We are pleased to report on a defense victory in this Washington asbestos matter in which Rizzo Mattingly Bosworth was part of the trial team. Coonrod v. Alcoa, et al. was a King County, Washington case against various suppliers of asbestos-containing products and premises owners. Rizzo Mattingly Bosworth’s client was Longview Fibre Paper & Pulp Mill.

Coonrod was a career insulator, and there was evidence he worked at Longview Fibre when his insulation employers were hired for insulation jobs. Plaintiff presented two theories of liability: premises liability and retained control.

Prior to trial, Plaintiff settled with all defendants except two premises owners, including Longview Fibre. During trial, the other premises defendant settled. But Longview Fibre and its trial team took the matter to verdict.

During closing, Plaintiff requested $7 million in damages, but the jury deliberated for less than a day and returned a complete defense verdict.

Rizzo Mattingly Bosworth is proud to have achieved this result for its client.

Plaintiff: Linda Coonrod, Estate of Billy Coonrod

Alleged Exposure: Mr. Coonrod worked as an insulator at various industrial locations from 1957 to 1977

Represented by: Bergman Draper Oslund Udo/Waters and Kraus

Defendant: Longview Fibre Paper & Packaging, Inc.

Verdict: Defense Verdict

Judge: Hon. John McHale

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